What I intend

Craftsmen know how to create objects from different materials thanks to their individual talent. I would like to accompany people in recognizing the material that surrounds us in order to use it in the best possible way on a daily basis. To do this, it is useful to turn to Nature and recover our own physical roots and thus regain our daily balance. Starting with Nature means having a full-immersion, albeit brief, and draw stimulus from it to take home.

Creativity of the craftsman


Nature gives us the essential opportunity to measure our own strength and energy in order to obtain precisely what we need. Let us take this value. How could we apply this to our daily life and make it lighter? We need to free ourselves from the thousands of binding strings that trouble our daily merry-go-round, accelerated by our disorderly use of digital technology.

“In north-western America lives a crow that feeds on shellfish. To break the shell it flies up to a height of 5,20 meters to let it drop. Flying less high, would mean having to repeat the operation, flying higher would be a waste of energy with the added risk that the shellfish itself would shatter to pieces. ”


Rhythm and Waiting
Nature has its own rhythm made up of moments of action and waiting. We make things complicated by suffocating ourselves with technology, instead of controlling it in order to live better. We only think of our continuous stream of emails and Whatsapp: we must answer immediately and we in turn expect immediate response too, instead of leaving time to take charge of things and to form the right answers. As if we are on a merry-go-round that has gone mad, where creativity and productivity find no place. A bit like Alice in Wonderland: we force ourselves to run fast while remaining put. How about trying a different way?

Rhythm and Waiting