Caffè dei Cercatori: consulting company.

Set up in 2013, Caffè dei Cercatori (litterally, Seekers’ Caffè) is an unusual name for a consultancy agency. During a difficult but fruitful period of my professional career (I was (worked) in outplacement) the name came to mind, but having no immediate use for it, I left it waiting for the right moment.

The logo was designed in 2012 and is inspired by the symbol of Infinity, represented on the pavement of a beautiful Romanesque church near Lucca in Tuscany. A talented graphic artist helped me to create a stylized representation of it.


What I have in mind
My idea is to form a meeting place where those who are “in search” can learn and exchange their experience and so give rise to new prospects and actions. These can be solutions in terms of organization or business management, or for personal or professional enrichment. My source of inspiration is the historic 18th century coffeehouse, where people first engaged in discussion and then came to action. It was risky, but things happened and change came about in their seemingly brilliant but, by that time, sclerotic world. They were innovators going at a steady but indefatigable pace.


Where is the other half?
My personal commitment (Mission). With the Caffè I propose (to who will trust in me,) not only a different way of working together and finding solutions, but also to find satisfaction about what one does. I work with Companies as well as on an individual basis; with anyone who is not happy with the common way of working. I work with whoever seriously wants to construct on a solid basis and who loves and cares for one’s work, one’s own manufacture, a bit like craftsmen: it is better to measure up twice in order to be sure afterwards. Of course there is the question of time and deadlines. Results must be guaranteed and should be solid (not just outlined in a nice ppt). However, a continuously growing number of people become frustrated about the ever increasing fury of the daily battle, instead of feeling the positive spur of healthy stress.


The solution is not always running faster or working more, but more often it has to do with a better organization of one’s own resources, especially time, the only thing we cannot reproduce in this age of permanent connection. Like driving a car always overtaking, (one day) early or late you will have an accident. This is true for single people as well as for organizations; both are often conditioned by haste or, on the other hand, frustrated due to exaggerated slowness when things “cannot be done”.
La velocità uccide il successo