The merry-go-round: about Us and Time
It is a training project to stay on the daily merry-go-round, which has been accelerated and made complicated today by digital technology and permanent connection. The Net literally turns into a daily net. We will combine full-immersion in Nature (nothing to do with the usual outdoor company events) with using our 5 senses, some playful elements as well as time for reflection and discussion. We will discover the flavor of the natural rhythm of Time, of when to act and when to wait, allowing us to feel much more serene and free in the end. These are all values that, using our intelligence, help us in our own lives and at work.

The merry-go-round


Federico Tonioni: "In order to be more productive it is better to be serene than an eager beaver. (or: over-eager)"


The world reads backwards

Italo Calvino - The castle of crossed destinies

On the last tarot card one observes the paladin hanging upside down. And, look, finally the expression on his face turns serene and luminous, his eyes are clear as never before. What does he say? He says: “Leave me like this. I have gone everywhere and I understand everything. One should look at the world from upside down. Everything is clear now.”


Objectives? Giving people a chance to train themselves to see one’s own surroundings, and to regain one’s own physical roots. This helps to work and live better, for individuals as well as for organizations. Especially, it helps to bring about a better relation with Time. One can’t change the merry-go-round itself, but we can change the way we ride on it. My idea is to not only leave the participants with the flavor and value of time spent together in a different way, but also with new ideas and practices to be taken home: training and exercise continue afterwards. This is the value of my proposal. Whoever is interested can receive my assistance also over distance.

goal: the strength of the roots