Professional career


The guiding thread? The curiosity to explore, the capacity to grasp opportunities that come my way, and keeping at it when things seem right (or at least when they appear so to me). I admit that also some opportunities I have lost).

From the age of 17, until I obtained my university degree I worked to maintain my studies. I was a worker, employee and officer in the public as well as in the private domain. From the age of 34, I became HR director first in public utilities company and, later, in a multinational Swedish company (with the sole responsibility for Italy and Southern Europe), producing large-scale consumer goods. Subsequently, at 42, I became the latter company’s CEO for Italy. For an important Italian pharmaceutical company I have been the CEO in Hungary and Germany (2008-2010).


From 2011 onwards, I work as a management consultant for Italian and European companies, following projects at Corporate level in different business sections in Italy ,Hungary, Norway and the USA. On an ongoing basis, I have been part of various boards of directors, also as a president.